Cairngorm Counselling   Indoor and Outdoor Person-Centred Therapy   

Having worked in the field of personal development in the outdoors for over ten years, I believe in the therapeutic benefit of this setting. I recognise that not everyone who seeks therapy would choose the setting of a room. Therefore, offering counselling both indoors and outdoors makes it accessible to more people.

Many people will already be able to identify the positive feelings associated with spending time out of doors. It can give a sense of space removed from everyday strains and stresses and can give us a different perspective of ourselves and the world around us. It is widely accepted that physical activity can help improve mood, reduce anxiety and enhance self-perception. Therefore, a 'walk and talk' therapy session seems to be a complementary combination for supporting personal growth and change.

You do not need to be fit to choose outdoor counselling - the pace will be set by you. We may walk or find a place to sit and talk - whatever is right for you. It is possible to have a combination of indoor and outdoor therapy.

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